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BEE Smart offers tutoring in any and all subject areas for scholars in need. Our holistic and customized approach to tutoring is what makes BEE Smart stands out. You will not only get one-on-one instruction , but a full on anchor and support to ensure complete and total success for you and your scholar.

BEE Smart offers top of the line mentoring programs for scholars in need. We understand what it is like to need extra assistance inside and outside of school. Our mentors are trained to provide life skills and professional development to those in need. Inquire within today.

BEE Smart has a dedicated Special Needs Department with over 30+ years combined amongst all of the staff. Our staff is available to help with IEP's and 504 Plan's to ensure your scholar gets the best results across the board. We also offer private tutoring and various other academic services to help your scholar reach his or her full potential , and overcome any obstacles he or she may face.

Special needs

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